EPAC honored Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards

Washington, D.C. June 17, 2014

Empower Political Action Committee (EPAC) honored Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards as its first Person of Excellence for her leadership in progressive politics. She has introduced legislation to expand research and development, domestic manufacturing and infrastructure spending to create jobs and grow our economy. She also served as a strong ally during the fight to raise Maryland's minimum wage. "Congresswoman Edwards is a progressive warrior and a life-long advocate of moving working families forward," said Mark Federici,EmpowerPAC board member.

EPAC is an organization driven by the values of everyday people. We strive to build long-lasting change throughout communities by supporting progressive candidates and advancing policies that promote and sustain equality and justice for working families. EPAC is committed to the premise of joining, amplifying and empowering the collective voice of the people.
#Maryland Voters

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Al Vincent Jr., EmpowerPAC Chairperson
Gino Renne, Treasurer

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